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Acrylic painting, jewelry, hand-painted glassware, crocheted textiles

Monique Cagle lives in the hills of Brown County where she grew up. She finds never-ending inspiration for her art in her surroundings and her canvases fill with views of the fields, nearby Yellowwood Lake and old farm buildings. An animal lover to the core, her portfolio includes paintings of cats, dogs, even chickens. She accepts commissions for animal portraits, donating a portion of those sales to the local animal shelter.

Mostly self-taught, Monique gives a lot of credit for her artistic talent to her mother, who encouraged all her children to be creative in a variety of ways and raised them in a television-free household.
"I was raised with public radio, endless books, a variety of animals, and the outdoors for a playground. Creativity ran rampant in my family - my mom was what I would call a 'Jill of all Arts' - she tried her hand at so many things and often involved her children in her projects. I think this is where I gained the confidence to embrace so many forms of art."
Still following the path laid out in childhood, Monique lives on the same road she grew up on - listening to public radio, reading when time allows, caring for a variety of animals, and letting her creativity run rampant.

Monique's work can be seen at:

Brown County Craft Gallery (hand-painted wineglasses and carafes, miniature paintings)
Ferrer Gallery, Nashville (jewelry, crocheted textiles, collage journals crocheted textiles, hand-painted wineglasses, tiles and mugs)
Venue Fine Art and Gifts, Bloomington, Indiana (paintings, jewelry, and painted glassware)
www.sleepycatstudio.etsy.com (jewelry)

There is a flower garden made up of perennials, annuals, herbs, bulbs and flowering shrubs. The garden is enclosed with a fence, with gates and arches at either end. There is a vegetable garden as well, which has a unique metal gate constructed by Monique's brother Mark, who is also an artist. The gate features sunflowers, a watering can and a rooster all made from kitchen utensils and found objects.

Chicken and ducks can be seen too - and even the chicken house has a small flowerbed.


4687 Yellowwood Rd., Nashville

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