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Glass Mosaic Designs

At Singing Pines Designs, mosaic artist Cindy Steele transforms ordinary objects into beautiful, functional art.

“I look at the objects as canvases,” Cindy says, “and use stained glass as my paint.” Some pieces are inspired by nature, and others are inspired by abstract artists such as Piet Mondrian.

“I let the table or object steer me in a creative direction,” Cindy explains. “The shape of a table might remind me of a flower and then the pieces of glass are cut into petal shapes. Piano key size strips of glass ended up on top of an old piano bench.”

Cindy has been a long-time art lover and supporter of local art. She spent 11 years publishing a regional art magazine called INto Art. She still publishes Our Brown County, a local magazine with a focus on the arts.

Cindy is drawn to the organic process of assembling the pieces. “I look at it as a great combination of left and right brain processes,” she says. “When I was a child I liked to work jigsaw puzzles with my grandpa. We also worked on paint-by-numbers canvases.”

More recently, Cindy is tackling larger surface areas and is using much larger pieces of glass than traditional mosaic artists. She enjoys experimenting and “playing” with the glass.

“I lose track of time when I work in my basement studio,” she says. “I like to work on pieces late at night when there are no phone interruptions.”

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